Win a share of R1 million in cash or Bitcoin.Visit and play the game… You could be a winner!


Win a share of R1 million
in cash or Bitcoin

Visit and play the game… You could be a winner!
Cybercrime is indeed a stark reality. Daily, we fear being hacked, having our passwords stolen, and our private info exposed or stolen. There are even cases of severe revenue loss and companies being held to ransom.
Cybercrime is any form of activity that uses computers and the Internet. Basically it’s when a computer network or device is used to commit fraud and identity theft. It’s also referred to as computer crime, e-crime, netcrime and hi-tech crime. It’s been estimated that South Africa loses 0.14% of its GDP to cybercrime annually… That’s around R5.7 billion. Not exactly small change!

King Price cybersure  covers your business’ computer systems, software and data and protects you against liability arising from cyber attacks in the challenging world of technology today. Cybersure includes cover for cyber liability and cybercrime, data breach expenses, damage to computer systems and data associated with loss of income and much more
You need to plan to ensure that your business is fully protected against any form of cyber risk or fraud. And King Price has developed the perfect plan for you… King Price cybersure.
Get cyber protection for your business! Contact your broker, call 0860 21 00 00 or email
Also, test your #Cybersavvy and play the cybersure game… You could win big!


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