Cappuccino falouda dessert by @tasy_munshi


Ingredients & Instructions

1 litre milk
1 full tsp falouda powder
Boil together.

2 Tblsp custard powder
1 Tblsp coffee
Dissolve in 4 Tblsp water.

Add to milk mixture when it starts boiling. Allow 3 boils before removing off stove.
1 Tin condensed milk
1 Tin nestle cream (small)
Beat together with whisk till combined.

Layer the falouda mixture into a deep pyrex or mini dessert bowls.
Crush 1 packets marie biscuits over.
Beat 250ml fresh cream with sugar till stuff.
Spread over crushed marie biscuits.
Make a chocolate sauce with the following:
1 Tblsp butter
3 Tblsp icing sugar
2 tsp coffee
2 Tblsp cocoa
4 Tblsp water
100g dairy milk chocolate
Melt on medium heat.
Spread over fresh cream.
Allow to set in refrigerator.

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